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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  June 23, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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airport security. a couple of final points. dr. mayberg and another doctor hold a patent on the procedure. this is still experimental. an fda approval to make it widely approved is years away. well, that's it for this edition of "cnn presents." i'm drew griffin. thanks for joining us. >> the front man of one of the biggest bands of the 90s. smashing pumpkins. why he feels so disappointed by president obama. jimmy fallon and the man with a million voices. >> who buys these beach pants? no guy wants to wear them to the beach. >> including my own. tonight, jimmy fallon goes completely bonkers doing jim
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morrison. >> take a look. it's in a book. a reading rainbow. a reading rainbow! ♪ >> only one man can bring together u.s.'s reigning king of comedy, jimmy fallon and he knows he is the host of nbc's late night of jimmy fallon. he wants to blow your pants off. jimmy fallon. >> thank you for having me back. since the last time, i thought you would never invite me back. >> intriguing cover of your album. it appears to be your naked butt. >> it's a gentlemen enjoying the red wine. what's the one you love? >> shadow. >> he is laying on his rug and about to listen to a blow your pants off and his pants get
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blown off. >> sort of mad man until here and then more like ron jeremy. >> there is a butt joke in there somehow. >> you were the persona of a television star. what is worrying me slitly is you arrived today looking for all intents and purposes like mick jagger and you arrived with one of the biggest entourages i have ever seen. >> well, i don't even know. >> there the fallon ets. this is the second biggest entourage i have seen after beyoncy. johnny jackson's was bigger, but not as as thetically pleasing. >> a lost pretty girls. >> they called the fallon ets? >> they are now.
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i have a big entourage. >> how do you jump in rock star shot? >> i don't know. i haven't changed at all. the album cover. the new look. i was looser. you seriously as a rock star? >> i had this compilation of all this music. maybe it is growing a little bit. i'm proud of the record. it's a good, fun comedy album. >> i love it. it's fantastic. you managed to persuade these people. paul cartney and you sing scrambled eggs. you got it on to an album. you are singing the original title of yesterday. >> it's called scrambled eggs. then he went to sleep. they didn't have tape recorders back in the day. i previewed him.
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he's the nicest human and doing "saturday night live." i go into his room and say hey, paul. he said hey, jimmy. i will have a little chat. he said, you know, i would rather do a chat. it's fun. we will just do that. would you like the veggie burger? i said thank you. how do i say no? i'm talking to paul mccartney. one of my idols. it's called scrambles eggs. remember when you wrote yesterday, you wrote scrambled eggs. he said of course i remember it, i wrote it. one of the writers finished the song as if he wrote it about scrambled eggs. let's just hear it. i saying the whole song. scrambled eggs.
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not as much as you like scrambled eggs. have you tried scrambled. waffle fries. oh, my lady how i love your thighs. he said i will do it, but only if you do it with me. i didn't go in for a duet. i had him do this by himself. >> it's a surreal moment. i know every side to paul cartney. i have a fan letter on give me regards to brought street album. you can see if you hold it up, you can see my penmanship through the cardboard. it's a sat family. i think i got something back. when i do paul mccartney. >> incredibly, you get him to cover that. i just can't.
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look at the image of the two of you. i don't know how that happened. how did you persuade him? the boss some. >> i talked to him on the phone and he had seen on the show i have done an impression of neal young. do i an impression of neal young singing versions of songs, neal young singing fresh prince of bel air and pants on the ground, but a beautiful neal young version. pants on the ground ♪ ♪ looking like a fool with your pants on the ground ♪ . it's a heart warming song. bruce saw them and i said i have an idea. i will do neal and you do you and we will do willis and whip my hair. he said i have to say i'm not familiar with that track. i go, it's a really big hit song. it's willow smith. i whip my hair back and forth. i whip my hair back and forth. it's fun and poppy.
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i will do it as neal. whip my hair back and forth ♪ . it's haunting and sad. he said you have to whip your hair. whip my hair back and forth ♪ ♪ you got to whip your hair >> you have to have the most persuasive skills of anybody in america. bruce springsteen said it's a good idea. he said i like it? >> he said maybe i will be the 70s bruce. >> which he does. >> he said we are putting a beard and a floppy hat and sunglasses. no one knew it was really bruce springsteen. this was like an impersonator. i don't quite get that. that's bruce doing this. the amazing part is this is just a rock star. you feel the magentism that the rock stars have.
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we put on the beard and the glasses and the hat and he looks like he is on born to run. he walks out of the hair and make up to the green room. you have to walk over and he said you got that strut and the tight jeans on. he walks over to his manager and john lando starts filling up eighths bit. he said you look like when we first starred working together. >> no. are you serious? >> yeah. when you think about it, when would he ever see bruce dress like 30 years ago? >> it's a brilliant album. we will talk about the extraordinary achievement. persuading the president of the united states to slow jam the news. i top the learn the art.
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[ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> the reason it's so important to keep down costs is so we keep college affordable. >> and the president knows his stuff, y'all. that's why they call him the potus. which means person on top -- what is it? >> potus stands for president of the united states.
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>> potus with the mostest. >> the commander in chief. how did you persuade him to do that? >> it was one of the weird things. we had done a sketch for the white house for the get fit initiative with the first lady. >> we will come to that. you got humiliated by the first lady. almost every physical test she put you to. >> she is very fit. >> you are clearly not. >> it wasn't humiliation, but the joy of competition. >> did you lose to her to get the -- >> we did everything in the white house. she know where is she is going. first of all, i put on my best outfit so i can work out. even bo didn't dig it. the first lady made me change. we started a race up the stairs
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in the white house. we had a potato sack race in the east room. he played dodge ball in the east room. there is a portrait of george washington and the odest artifact in the white house. in the east room, a potato race. all of this is to get into get fit and work out. >> it was just to get the most hilarious scenes ever seen in the white house? don't lie to me. tell me the truth. was it your first. here's the thing. i love the president and i love anyone who is president. i'm very patriotic. if you me to help them out in any way, i will try to do it so
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that we both win. >> you had a private meeting with the president before the slow jam. how does that go. you invited them so i have to be there and so stage manager and no assistants and no fallon ets. >> no fallon ets? must have been painful. >> no wife. my wife had to stay in the room next door. he wants to see you first so he can say hi to you. it's protocol. i had a piece of paper printed out and he said president obama obama like the limousine driver. i waited for the limo to pull up. he was squinting and i said i'm marcus. i'm your escort. he started laughing and he was like this will be fun. we are going to slow jam. we are going to slow jam. he said where is your wife. he knows everybody.
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security came in and swept everything. he knows he was going to meet my wife and the writers of slow jam the news and we were going to rehearse it. he meets my wife and he is very presidential and charming. we go into a room with the writers and i show my rehearsal and said this is what we do. he said i'm ready. he runs through the cards. he has great time. >> it was a fantastic speech. the guy with go to vegas. >> i would never want to be the white house correspondent. he is too good. great timing and great writers too. if you are looking for a job. come to new york. he goes over the thing and normally i do it with brian williams and at the end of my slow jam, i should tell people what it is. it's reading the news with an
9:17 pm
r&b sex style. very breathy. at the end brian williams usually goes oh, yeah. president obama turns and said oh, yeah. i said can i give a little. he said i'm not -- he knew i was going to ask him to do that and he said i can't do that. certain things like the white house, i know from my years not to go too far so it's insulting anyone. it wasn't much of a change to the script. >> your jokes are never terrible. they are not funny, but not terrible. i have an issue with this guy. he does this impression. you loved it last time you were here. >> he did it and he was fantastic.
9:18 pm
you don't speak like that. >> piers, you do. >> what president do you -- persuade -- and glass shatters somewhere. it's this guy on "saturday night live" who does the best impression of you. i said i think we were in commercial breaks. it was cut and it's going to be next time all year long, it will be -- >> you mastered my -- coming up after the break -- >> it's a high voice. he's phenomenal. >> it makes you paranoid. i watch it and i start to perform as me on morphing into the version of myself. >> you know what did that for myself is on "saturday night live." i do an impression of jerry seinfeld. it is not great, but he's a nice enough guy, he raised the
9:19 pm
impression to match my voice. we did a bit of a gap. he was showing these pants for men called beach pants. who buys these beach pants? no guys wants to wear them to the beach. i'm yelling and what i sound like at all. i love the guy. you take the shirt off? you refolded? this place is great. i love this. it's that type of thing that i never forget that. before i go to the break, before we do that, if you had three minutes left in your life, you can only impersonate one person, your last impurse. >> 'would i impersonate someone with three minutes left. i want to show god what i have? >> go with the flow. >> i would want to spend time with loved ones. >> you're boring. >> i would talk like this.
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>> ♪ >> jimmy fallon and call me may be. jimmy is back with me now. i can't decide if you are the beginning of the future of the music business or the beginning of the end of the music business. >> maybe the the answer is on one of these cards. >> even my kids back in england who wouldn't know who you are, you are the guy from the call me maybe clip. you are famous. >> it's amazing. i'm happy that we got a chance to put the cd out.
9:25 pm
a lot of people don't stay up late night to watch the show and don't see the fun stuff we do and how fun it is. a lot of musical stuff. i remember the first time we went viral, we don't plan on it and we don't know if something hit or not. we rapped the song live with the roots and the next day, it exploded on the web. >> you are late night, but there is a growing buzz around town that maybe it's time you were on a little earlier on nbc. like 11:30 or something. >> it's not coming from me. it doesn't matter. >> would you turn down "the tonight show"? >> no, i wouldn't turn it down. >> story the holy grail? >> no. i don't think so. >> have you always been the holy grail?
9:26 pm
>> i think it's the story, but it's not. i think someone said "the tonight show" was johnny carson. that's his show. if it ends up being "the tonight show" with jimmy falcon, i changed my name, it's cooler. i don't know, it's like it doesn't -- time slots don't matter to me. you do this show and work hard and keep your head down. >> i top the get you to sing. one of my favorite bits is when you get together with the doors. to perform reading rainbow and apparently it gets out of hand. i would like you to play out the show as reading rainbow. >> this is the doors were to sing. it starts out and we are goofing off in my writer's room.
9:27 pm
♪ butterfly in the sky ♪ i can go twice as high ♪ take a look, it's in a book ♪ a reading rainbow ♪ a reading rainbow! ♪ ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere ♪ friends you know ♪ ways to grow note ♪ a reading rainbow. a reading rainbow ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ in the end ♪ in the cup board ♪ there is a monster
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>> he will fear for his fantasy. the great jimmy fallon. thank you so much. >> pleasure to be here. cuban cajun raw seafood pizza parlor french fondue tex-mex fro-yo tapas puck chinese takeout taco truck free range chicken pancake stack baked alaska 5% cashback. signup for 5% cashback at restaurants through june. it pays to discover. mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment knows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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>> i'm don lemon and tropical storm debby is gathering strength south of the mississippi river with top wins of up to 50 miles per hour. some oil rigs have already been evacuated. warnings have posted from louisiana to texas. they triggered at least one tornado in southwest florida and could cause flooding along the gulf coast. jerry san dusky is under suicide watch in pennsylvania's center county jail. he could be sentenced in about 90 days following the conviction on 45 counts of child sex abuse. his wife dotty was spotted delivering a package to jerry. they will appeal the verdict. gusty winds and 200 foot high flame are forcing more residents
9:32 pm
from their homes tonight. views are warning of extreme fire conditions and the potential for the hyde park fire to rapidly grow. they burned more than 75,000 acres. this ahead of presidential election results to be announced in two hours. a member of the muslim brotherhood and jose mubarak. they are bracing for violence when the winner is announced. i'm don lemon keeping you informed. cnn, the most trusted name in news.
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♪ >> 1979, a killer song from the smashing pumpkins. they have been turning out hits for years, selling 30 million albums. the new album, oceania. >> they said i would get it srong. >> it's out today. the founder and the front man of smashing pumpkins. welcome. i was expecting like a smoldering volcano. they had this angry man of rock. >> i'm sure you will get to it. you are good at that. >> the mike tyson of music. across the desk. you seem affable to me. >> i like your show. that has a lot to do with it. i talk to a lot of people that i don't respect and i walk in the room with that. >> that actually means a lot to
9:36 pm
me. >> i have seen you do great introduce. for someone who has been interviewed a lot and people understand that there is the right interview and then there is the -- you start phoneing it in. it's robo language. >> what are sepsends you diment. >> they google you and go to the headlines. you are talking to an artist and it's a rare opportunity to get into the mind of the artist and the greatest interviewers, people like you, they penetrate into a place where you say now i understand why they are like that. that's why i want to know. >> what do you think of america right now? >> you are starting right off. >> i'm interested in your view. >> i'm disa pointed in my country right now because we lost our moral compass and we turned into a whining society. i have done plenty of whining,
9:37 pm
but we have to get out of this turn where we want dad to save us and the banks to save us. we need to get back to a level of social responsibility that we haven't seen for a long time. i am just an artist. i can only do so much and say so much. i'm not a hero. i'm disappointed. the level of political and cultural rhetoric is so low, it's shocking. everybody is okay with it. that's just the way it goes. i'm from the lower middle class and i see it and my family really struggling and so many people are struggling. yet we are still arguing about these stupid things that political commentators know are bs. that's theater and it's affecting real people with real lives and families. that's hard for me to watch. >> your paternal and maternal responsibility. you grew up in a weird situation. both your natural parents. kind of distance themselves from
9:38 pm
you. at a very young age and left you to run your life as you could. how much has that guided your sense of people not being reliant on their parents? >> that's a really good question. i don't know. i think that we all take our experiences from a spiritual point of view, we transmute them into something positive. for a lot of years, i just complained. i looked like an unhappy rock star. i thought i had a different responsibility in this world. i don't know if it was being in my 30s and started thinking about the world and seeing my place in it and thinking wow, my record sales verdict what's really going on in my country or the world. i have to get proportionality. once i started doing that, i started seeing the world with different eyes. >> the only thing that may have deteriorated more than kwour
9:39 pm
country is the music industry. that's a strange place. >> i am more worried about the country. >> in a way, there is a parallel. it's become so mechanical now. if you are anti-creativity. looking at the music business for the last 40 years, not many acts. this album, you are going to go on tour and you want to play the album in its entirety. i can't think of a single other relevant act that would dare to do that. they would assume their fans wouldn't like that. they are playing their old albums, the new business model that is destroying the record business. if you tell them the past is better, how can you turn around and say now pay attention? it's anti-creativity. it's safe and it's -- i call it you are rubbing somebody's tummy again and again. let's go back to the old days. in this case in my generation, it's only 15 years ago.
9:40 pm
>> what do you do when your fans scream for the old hits? do you deny them? >> no, there is a place for them. if a fan respects where you are at today and you play the old songs in the right context, that's a win-win. if the only reason you are there to play the old songs, you are dead in the water and there to play money. >> one of the conundrums and the great acts, they all go out touring and that's the way to make money. if you are the rolling stones or ozzy osbourne, the money now comes from live performing and t-shirt sales. you can't make the money you used to from selling records. >> no, but you still have to drive from an artistic point of view. if you don't, you are there to make money. as long as people are transparent about the motives, i don't have a problem with it. so many people pretend that they care about art and people and the culture, meanwhile behind the scenes they are like
9:41 pm
everybody else. that bugs me. >> politically, you have been -- i wouldn't say vague, but they haven't pinned you down. are you an obama man? >> no. i was raised a democrat in a liberal family. when you grow up around drug addicts and freaks, you lean left. i remember as a kid, there was a lot of anti-nixon stuff. in essence in my family's mind, the 50s type of the shut down alcoholic male worked with the republican party for a while. but i also remember my grandmother connie sitting in front of the when reagan was nominated for the candidacy and crying and said he will bring his country back. i had that experience. she was an immigrant from italy and i saw real tears because she thought he was going to restore this country to whatever she thought. i lived in both paradigms.
9:42 pm
i don't trust either political party. i don't see a reasonable third party independent run for anybody. who is rational and going to get there, but the choices we have are so compromised. they want the theater more than the reality. >> what are is the leader that you are craving in an american president? >> moral compass. that's where i am disappointed in the president. he ran on a moral compass agenda. what happened? i'm sure there is lots of good reasons and they will roll somebody out to counter thoughts like that. i don't see it. i travel the world. so do you. i have seen foreigners really shift on their few of america. that's hard for me to take. i still believe in my country and i know the working class of this country is what they are about. i grew up and that's my people.
9:43 pm
i see them broken down and that's hard to watch. >> i saw the premier of the new drama, newsroom. that's based around a cable news show like this. i watched it last night. the character makes this speech to a bunch of students. the point he makes is what he thinks of america. he is completely wrong to say america is the greatest country in the world. it used to be and it can be again, but statistically if you look at the criteria, education, science, literacy, et cetera, et cetera, america is lagging way behind. what do you think? >> i agree. i don't see the vigorous democra democracy. that i was raised to believe in. i don't understand where that went. does that mean somebody wants that debate to go down? it's easier to control the people or is it just we are also
9:44 pm
stuck in the farms and we don't have time to care about the reality of our country? i don't totally understand the causal effects. i have theories, but -- >> one can be the celeb riffication of america and most of the civilized world and politics may be part of the problem. a way to hang on that thought. how much can we blame celebrities. let's name a few. bring them to book. >> the red card right here. that's what you need. to get the celebrities. >> exactly. [ male announcer ] now you can swipe...
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title correct. let's talk about celebrities. seems that you flow on both side of the fence. >> literally flirted. >> instantly, i would have thought that you rail against the paris hilton for being talentless, even though i like her, but made themselves famous and you are matey with her. >> true. >> what is your -- >> i even rolled in the hay with a few of them. >> i know you have. how many? >> more than one and less than five. >> did you roll in the hay with jessica simpson. >> she has a hay bail in her bedroom. >> a little part of you is drawn to them? >> i grew up in the 1970s. dallas and gilligan's island. i love american culture in that
9:50 pm
way. it's when it is risen to this psychotic level that it's frightening. especially the messages its ens young women and the way it revers back. like jessica who can't gain or lose five pounds without creating a headline. can you say whether you are a fan or not, but to put a woman in that position is not her. i don't want to create that argument, but it's more complicated. i give credit to people like paris and the kardashians for creating an industry out of people's obsessions. goad bless them. it's the people that pretend that they are not that that make me crazy. >> here's the issue. i like paris and i like her and i see no problem with them doing the best they can. they work hard. is there a problem fundamentally with a society and the culture that puts people like that on a pedestal in the sense that they
9:51 pm
have a mystique with the people that are perhaps more deserving. you go back 50 years and you have the great actors and the singers. the only way to be famous was to be genuinely world class talented. >> even if you look at hollywood the way beauty standards have shifted, we have gone to lauren ba call. nothing wrong with girl next door, but the american public is me-obsessed and that's where i think it happens. they want to project -- it's easier for them to project on kim kardashian than somebody like one of the most beautiful girl in the world. there is a next door neighbor pitchy quality. >> what are do you think about twitter? you are active. >> unfortunately. much to my detriment. >> you can't help but read the terrible stuff. i sort of enjoy it. the internet made everybody
9:52 pm
archie bunker which i love. everybody has a voice. >> yeah. >> why shouldn't they? why shouldn't their opinion and tweets be as valuable to the world as yours? >> i have no problem with that. i have a problem when -- if you talk to most people, they have a hard time understanding social responsibility. i don't just say anything i want. if you have nothing to lose, can you say whatever you want. a culture that celebrates that and ryes up to another level, that to me is a dangerous culture. that's mob rule. it interests the mob. okay? the mob was not different back then than it is now. if it was all about the mob, i can't imagine. i'm not anarchist. i think there has to be checks and balances in the systems. when i they are not transparent, it gets complicated with
9:53 pm
celebrity. look at the systems that push those celebritiecelebrities. if it wasn't kim kardashian, it would be somebody else. it's not about kim, it's about the position. make sense? >> it is does make sense and it's a complicated thing. >> it's a business now and we have to deal with it as a business. >> also the old days, marilyn monroe is tweeting. i'm sure she would have died quickly. >> i don't think we would still be talking about her. >> it's the mystique. you still carry that and people like jack nicholson haven't given an sbrinterview in 40 yea they understand less is more. you have something to say which is unusual. >> i am over the line. i have to go with it. >> me oceania. it's out now. what do you feel about this album? >> what's interesting about it in my life is i made great
9:54 pm
albums in the 90s which became sort of almost like a mill stone around my neck. you will never reach that height again. you need the old band. i makan album that is just as good, but wait a second. now the question is why did you stop making these kinds of albums and they can't understand the cultural aspects and being in the downturn and have fans start making it about the past and you find yourself reacting and rejecting only through maturity and spiritual revelation that i realize that i was diminishing myself to try to answer some question that i couldn't answer and this is my way of saying i would have done this all along. now i'm in a place where i can. i like it because it's high communication in a simple way. it's not like sometimes you want to be weird and artie. this is straight up the middle and good music. >> it's a terrific album and you are true to yourself.
9:55 pm
that's an unusual quality in many musicians. of the modern type. i wish you the best. it has been a pleasure. >> thank you for having me. >> next, only in america gives you the ultimate light show. ♪
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with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred.
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